Soon to be released spy for the Cuban dictatorship was willing to pass on U.S. war plans in Afghanistan

We now learn that Ana Belen Montes, the Castro dictatorship’s top spy in the U.S. (that we know of), was willing to sacrifice the lives of American soldiers in Afghanistan to further the cause of communism.

Nora Gamez Torres reports via the Hastings Tribune:

Ana Belén Montes, the convicted Cuba spy who is set to be released from prison in January, was willing to pass military secrets about the U.S. war in Afghanistan if requested by her spymasters in Havana, even if that resulted in the death of American soldiers on the ground, she told FBI investigators after her arrest in September 2001.

Montes, who before her arrest was the most senior analyst of the Cuban military at the U.S. Department of Defense, also passed classified information about a U.S. secret satellite program to Cuba that was so sensitive that prosecutors were banned from using it had the case gone to trial. That information was unrelated to Cuba, and investigators believe Fidel Castro likely passed it to other foreign adversaries like Iraq’s Saddam Hussein.

“That was the most damaging non-human intelligence she provided to the Cubans and likely to other adversaries. And I found it,” said retired FBI agent Peter Lapp, who led the covert operation to break into Montes’ apartment and copy the contents of her computer.

Montes, who went from being a highly respected analyst at the Defense Intelligence Agency for almost 17 years to being sentenced to 25 years in federal prison for conspiracy to commit espionage, is set to leave prison on Jan. 6.

Montes is set to be released in just a couple of weeks after serving a 25-year sentence. But after all the new information regarding her espionage for the Castro dictatorship has come to light, one wonders how this vile traitor will ever have the opportunity to live one single day in freedom in the U.S. again.

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  1. She was apparently a “true believer” in a perverse fraud she could idealize and admire without living in it.

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