Video of the Day: Communist Cuban doctor lectures colleagues to be like the Nazis

When none of her colleagues shouted “Viva Fidel!” during a political rally at a medical school in Cuba, a militant communist doctor got upset and demanded they follow the example of Nazis.

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

A euphoric regime militant took the stage during a political rally at the Julio Trigo Medical Sciences School in Havana to demand “revolutionary Cubans” follow the example of the Nazis.

“Yesterday on December 20, during a political-military rally at the Julio Trigo school, no one sang the national anthem or shouted “Viva Fidel,” or the theme of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC). Someone’s cables got crossed, and she jumped onto the stage. According to the PCC, Cubans should more like the Nazis,” wrote Salvi Pascual on Facebook.

Pascual explained he received the video from a friend who recorded in person. “With ethical principles, with revolutionary principles, with principles of dignity. Nazis are proud to be German. You all should be proud to be Cuban,” harangues the PCC militant dressed in a white doctor’s coat in the recording.

While the video and the references to Nazis is shocking, it is not surprising. Fidel Castro was a great admirer of Hitler and the influence the Nazi movement had on him is apparent in the communist dictatorship he installed in Cuba.

2 thoughts on “Video of the Day: Communist Cuban doctor lectures colleagues to be like the Nazis”

  1. You can’t make this stuff up. If she were a right-winger, the usual suspects would be on this like white on rice, but then again, we all know how the game is played.

  2. In a way, she’s channeling Fidel Castro, who was very familiar with Hitler’s Mein Kampf, and not out of academic interest. He was also very familiar with Mussolini’s speeches. Do the math.

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