Christmas in Hell: A few ‘noticias Navideñas’ from Cuba

Cubans after twelve days lost at sea

Today is no different from the previous 23,369 days of the Castro dynasty’s reign, or however many more years lie ahead under the thumb of Castro, Inc.

(That number above is easy to calculate: 64 years of dictatorship multiplied by 365, subtract 7 days for the remaining days of 2022, add 16 for the extra days of the leap years between 1959 and today.

Imprisoned dissident José Díaz Silva is expelled from Cuba

Dissident Omara Ruiz Urquiola is barred from returning to Cuba for the fourth time this year

A hospital worker in Santiago de Cuba is suspected of stealing human organs from cadavers, grinding them up and selling them as picadillo.

Russia promises to send 25 tons of wheat to Cuba in 2023

A cancer-stricken firefighter in Matanzas who inhaled toxic fumes while battling the raging inferno at the harbor a few months ago denounces the lack of medical care available to him.

A boatload of Cuban migrants arrives in Palm Beach after twelve days at sea.