Video of the Day: Cuba Crucis: Faith and Individual Liberties (English subtitles)

An excerpt from a documentary by Cuban independent journalist Yoe Suarez on the lack of religious liberties and freedom of conscience under communism in Cuba.

My translation:

The documentary “Cuba Crucis,” created by a group led by Cuban evangelical and independent journalist Yoe Suarez, documents how the lack of individual liberties under communism makes it difficult to enjoy a full life of faith in Cuba. Through interviews with several dissidents and activist, among them religious leaders from diverse denominations, the documentary provides “a generic snapshot of how one lives a life without freedom of conscience,” according to Suarez. We give thanks to the Global Liberty Alliance for their help in producing the English subtitles.

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  1. Again, Castrocare has NEVER been free. Nothing that costs you your freedom and self-determination and makes you totally subordinate to a state NOT elected or controlled by you can possibly be free. Those who talk as if it were truly free either don’t know WTF they’re talking about or, much more likely, are LYING.

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