Vietnamese entrepreneurs will renovate and build apartheid hotels in Cuba

Fake Cuban “Prime Minister” Manuel Marrero in Hanoi with Vietnamese President Nguyen Xuan Phuc, September 2022

From our Bureau of Bloodstained Socialist Relationships with some assistance from our Bureau of Very Risky Utopian Investments

Castro, Inc.’s friendship with Vietnamese communists goes way back to the 1960’s, when Fidel Castro helped the North Vietnamese and the Viet Cong in their war against South Vietnam and the United States.

It is well known that Fidel sent Cuban henchmen to North Vietnam who took immense delight in torturing captured American military personnel. And it is also well known that Fidel ordered his jailkeepers to drain as much blood as possible from Cuban political prisoners who were about to be executed in order to supply North Vietnam with a steady supply of blood at a price of 50 dollars per pint.

Six decades later, the victorious Vietnamese Communists — who have turned into quasi-capitalists — are going to help Castro, Inc. renovate and build apartheid hotels in Castrogonia.

Let’s see what happens with this venture. Do the Vietnamese know that the apartheid tourist industry in Castrogonia is failing? Apparently not. Or perhaps their quasi-capitalist entrepreneurs are not as savvy as real capitalists should be? Or could it be that this very risky investment is ideologically-driven? Aaaaah, yes, there you go. Never underestimate the unreasonable twists and turns in the logic of socialist and communist utopianism .

Trucutú “El Singao” in Hanoi, November 2018

Loosely translated from Periódico Cubano

Cuba’s dictatorship has convinced Vietnamese businessmen to venture into the tourism sector in Cuba and the construction of the first Vietnamese hotel in Havana is expected to begin sometime in 2023.

According to an interview by the official news agency Prensa Latina with the Cuban ambassador in Hanoi, Orlando Hernández Guillén, “Vietnamese companies will undertake the renovation of two hotels and the construction of another in Havana.”

Without giving more details about the first foray of the Asian nation into the tourism sector, the Cuban diplomat said he was hopeful that trade relations between the two nations would improve next year, since in 2022 there was a marked decrease compared to the previous year.

In this sense, he announced that the first investment in the agricultural sector was received, destined for the construction of a feed plant for cattle, and that the visit to Cuba by an important delegation of that branch with interests in food production and processing.

Also in relation to food, the official said that cooperation should be deepened with some projects aimed at corn production and aquaculture.

“We have reasons to feel optimistic that next year there will be consolidation and development in the economic sphere, and that new sectors will allow the promotion of the presence of Vietnamese investments in Cuba,” explained Hernández Guillén.

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2 thoughts on “Vietnamese entrepreneurs will renovate and build apartheid hotels in Cuba”

  1. And yes, Vietnam is doing much better than Cuba. But it’s OK, really. It’s all the fault of the “blockade.”

    It makes no real difference, but in that top photo, the Vietnamese guy looks absolutely embalmed. Yikes.

  2. This is surreal. How many hotels are they going to build in Cuba? Everything has been turned into a hotel: the old customs house, la Manzana de Gomez [that was originally a shopping mall], el Teatro Payret [where Caruso sang and Sara Bernhardt performed], old Historic mansions like el Palacio O’Farrill, el Conde de Ricla’s palace, etc… El Malecon is getting full of hotels as are the formerly unblemished beaches of Varadero, etc….

    How can a third world country like Cuba sustain so many hotels? Sex tourism can just go so far.

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