21 Cubans refugees reported missing after fleeing the island on a raft

Family members of 21 Cubans who jumped on a raft to escape the oppression and misery of communism are reporting the refugees as missing. 63 years after the socialist revolution, the heartbreaking and deadly exodus continues.

Via ADN Cuba (my translation):

21 Cuban rafters who departed from Ciego de Avila re reported missing

21 Cuban rafters who embarked from the province of Ciego de Avila are missing. The news has been confirmed to ADN Cuba by Leidianis Diaz Pupo, the sister-in-law of Jeovani Sevila de la Cruz, 34, who was one of the refugees.

On December 11, 22 people boarded a makeshift vessel at Punta Alegre, Ciego de Avila. However, Killian Roman turned himself in to Bahamian authorities at Cayo Anguila because he had run out of water.

“He decided to get off on that island and not continue putting himself at risk. The Bahamian Coast Guard took him into custody and he is awaiting deportation. According to the account he gave his family, he was the only one who got off and the other 21 decided to continue the journey, but we don’t know where they have ended up,” said Diaz.

One of those missing, Sevila de la Cruz, left behind a wife and two daughters, 4 and 11-years old, who are desperate to hear any news about him.

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