Castro dictatorship’s false narrative fails to explain the mass exodus of Cubans

Like all socialist dictatorships, Cuba’s Castro regime has an excuse for each and every one of its myriad failures that never involves them. But the mass exodus of Cubans expose the dictatorship’s lies.

Via the Center for a FREE Cuba:

Breaking through the Castro regime’s false narratives: One of every six Cubans has left the island under Castroism

The Castro regime claims that the source of all its failures are U.S. sanctions, but the failures are due to communist central planning that the Castro regime imposed on Cuba in 1959 reveals Ambassador Otto J. Reich in his December 27, 2022 letter to the editor published in The New York Times. Tens of thousands of Cubans have drowned or disappeared in the Florida Straits, trying to reach the freedom of the US. Fidel Castro did not begin blaming Washington for the problems he had created until 1991 when the Soviet Union imploded. This was the year that Havana began campaigning to condemn the U.S. embargo at the United Nations General Assembly.

On the same day as Ambassador Reich’s letter, The Washington Times published Orlando Gutierrez-Boronat’s OpEd “Refusing to recognize Cubans as ‘refugees’ denies the realities and brutalities of the Castro regime” in which he summarized the brutal nature of the dictatorship in Cuba.

“From the onset, the Castro regime aimed to crush its enemies and considered passive dissent or nonconformity a threat to its power. These threats were dealt with by attacking and harassing suspected dissenters with government organized mobs while imprisoning others in concentration camps, and even engaging in ruthless massacres and firing squad executions of innocent civilians who were denied due process. Many of those who escaped violence still faced the confiscation of property and endured political and religious persecution. Others who tried to leave or corresponded with relatives who escaped were marginalized as “class enemies.” Targeted groups included seminarians, clergy, dissident artists, hippies and homosexuals.”

The Human Rights Foundation’s Álvaro Piaggio and Luciana Talamas on December 21, 2022 in their publication “Champion of Democracy: Combatting Authoritarianism in Latin America” highlighted that “the Cuban and Nicaraguan regimes have engaged in some of the most ruthless repression campaigns in recent history. Venezuela, the other fully-fledged dictatorship in the region, has doubled down on its efforts to whitewash its image abroad and attempt to regain international legitimacy — even as it is being investigated for crimes against humanity and forcing a seemingly endless number of people to become refugees.”

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