Surprise! Anti-embargo U.S. Senator visits Cuba’s fake president

From our Bureau of Unstoppable Disasters with some assistance from our Bureau of Dictatorship-Loving American Legislators From the Left Coast

It’s coming, for sure. Thaw.2 is all but a certainty. What remains to be seen is how much of a gift will be handed to Castro, Inc. by Jar-Jar Biden and his leftist cohorts.

Senator Ron Wyden, an ardent supporter of unfettered trade with Castro, Inc., is the seventh American legislator to visit Castrogonia in the past month or so. Since he is one of Castro, Inc.’s most loyal allies in the U.S. Senate — and chairs the committee that would oversee the legal dismantling of the “blockade”– his meeting with Trucutú Díaz-Canel is a highly significant indication of things to come.

The Castro dynasty, Trucutú, and his cohorts in the military junta that rules Cuba are salivating like Dr. Pavlov’s dogs in anticipation of all the gifts they are about to receive from Uncle Sam. Who knows, maybe Jar-Jar Biden, Bernie Sanders and Ron Wyden will dress up in Wise Men costumes and deliver the gifts in person on Epiphany, January 6.

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias

Democratic Senator Ron Wyden, from the state of Oregon, was received this week in Havana by Cuban ruler Miguel Díaz-Canel.

A photograph of the chairman of the US Senate Finance Committee shaking hands with Díaz-Canel was released in the press and on social media accounts of the Cuban government.

The Cuban president said that he had confirmed to the visitor, whose committee in the Senate has jurisdiction over international trade, “the willingness to work together to improve bilateral relations” and explained “the impact that the extreme government measures” of the United States.

In February 2021, the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee introduced the US-Cuba Trade Act 2021 to repeal sanctions against Cuba and establish normal business relations with the island.

In a statement, Wyden said at the time that the embargo against Cuba was “an artifact of the 1960s” and that continuing with this “outdated and damaging policy of isolation would be a failure of US leadership.”

2 thoughts on “Surprise! Anti-embargo U.S. Senator visits Cuba’s fake president”

  1. Wyden (rhymes with Biden) looks physically and morally decrepit, as in seriously, uh, distasteful. Thank you, Carlos, sort of, for bringing him to my attention. How people in Oregon (!) can vote for this is beyond me.

  2. I kind of look forward to seeing how Cuba will react to any rapprochement with the US. When Obama tried it Cuba spit in his face. Now Biden is back for round two. I see it as being like the union of two mafia gangs. How will do you think that will go? One is big and powerful but the other is ruthless and murderous without scruples. I would love to see them hurt each other. My guess is that Biden will make the US look like a fool. Diaz-Canal will be giddy that he once again took advantage of the stupid Americans but as a result will plunge Cuba into even greater poverty and misery. Raul will consider that a win.

    What they Democrats don’t seem to understand is they they are playing with the big boy communists. How many Democrats with the exception of Clinton are willing to murder and torture people? Communism is not a silly woke or equity-inclusion- diversity game. It is a deal with Satan and it comes with a heavy cost. They must also understand there is only one lord of the ring and he does not share power.

    Still in the end the US tax payers will be stuck with having to pay the bill for the charity contribution to Cuba. All of the money will go to the Cuban elites while the people starve.

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