Sister of cancer-stricken Cuban boy begs for medical assistance from abroad on social media

Diego Vasallo Rodríguez

From our Bureau of Socialist Healthcare with some assistance from our Bureau of the Big Lie

Castro, Inc.’s claims about Cuba being a medical “powerhouse” have always been an essential component of their Big Lie. Unfortunately, many outside of Castrogonia are easily fooled by these claims.

But if you live in Castrogonia and you have a serious medical problem, you know that your sole recourse is to turn to social media and beg for help from abroad.

Here is one such case. Let’s hope someone can rescue this boy before it’s too late.

Loosely translated from Cubanos Por El Mundo

Through social networks, the Cuban citizen Diana Peralta asked for help for her 10-year-old little brother, who has suffered from acute lymphoid leukemia for seven years, and also has a brain tumor.

According to the information provided by her, the little boy, Diego Vasallo Rodríguez, has been fighting leukemia for seven years, is also battling vision problems and paralysis on the right side of his body, due to a large tumor on his brain.

Peralta assured that, in the so-called “medical powerhouse” of Cuba, there are no medicines that help with the conditions of her little brother.

“We are from Cuba, residents of Calle San Francisco # 304 / Armas y Porvenir, Municipality 10 de Octubre, Havana,” Peralta wrote on her Facebook profile, where she specified that they urgently need help for the treatment of the minor. .

“On the part of his leukemia, it is controlled, he is stable as they say, but it is this tumor that is putting us against the clock, which has cost him his sight. We know that there are treatments to reduce these types of tumors, but it is unavailable for us, that is why we ask for HUMANITARIAN AID”, she explained.

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  1. If this were a great grandson of Raúl Castro, they’d import whatever treatment and/or doctor was needed, such as they imported a surgeon from Spain to save Fidel Castro’s ass, or they’d send the child to a suitable facility abroad (discreetly, of course). There would certainly be no lack of resources of any kind.

    Just because Hugo Chávez was a deluded idiot and trusted or was deceived about Cuban medicine doesn’t mean more normal and rational people would if they could possibly do better than that.

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