University of Havana website hacked by Anonymous Cuba

Anonymous Cuba embarrassed Cuba’s communist dictatorship on Sunday, hacking into the University of Havana website and posting anti-Castro messages and calling for the release of Cuban political prisoners.

Via CubaNet (my translation):

Anonymous Cuba hacks University of Havana websites

The group known as Anonymous Cuba hacked into the websites of at lease five faculty departments of the University of Havana on Sunday, posting messages denouncing the Cuban regime and in support of political prisoners.

According to activist Yannys Estrada, the faculty departments affected were Geography, Psychology, Arts and Letters, Accounting and Financing, and Economics.

“This is our reponse to the Message ffrom Diaz-Canel to the Cuban people. Understand that this is all a farce. We are light years away from the rest of the world, it is all a lie. We cannot allow this sad day to pass without doing anything. Another year of misery and repression,” wrote the Twitter account of The Cuba Resistance.

“Down with the dictatorship, long live a free Cuba,,” “Freedom, no more repression,” “Diaz-Canel f*cker. Down with the dictatorship,” “Long live a free Cuba. Down with the Communist Party,” and “Down with the dictatorship” were some of the messages posted on the landing pages of the websites.

“We warned the dictatorship, as Also said, what we did is just the beginning,” added Anonymous Cuba.

The group explained that the website hack was nothing more than defacing the pages, an attack on a website that changes its appearance.

“Cubans, defacing the web pages of the University of Havana is just content. It doesn’t have much impact. But there is more, much more, except that this doesn’t put in danger everything else we have planned. You can’t begin to imagine. Down with the dictatorship.”

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