Podcast of the Day: Exploring Christian mysticism with Dr. Carlos Eire

I am excited to announce Yale Religious History professor and Babalú’s own Dr. Carlos Eire and I have started a new podcast where we’ll explore Christian mysticism. The podcast is now available on the most popular podcast platforms. Just search “The Christian Mysticism Podcast” on your favorite service and make sure you subscribe.

Make sure you listen in to our first episode and future episodes for some fascinating insight into the topic by Carlos, one of the world’s foremost authorities on religious history.

2 thoughts on “Podcast of the Day: Exploring Christian mysticism with Dr. Carlos Eire”

  1. I hope you plan to give us every one of these.
    Professor Eire is so fascinating no matter what he talks about. Castro’s loss is our gain. What a great man with such communication skills.!

  2. Thanks Carlos, that was fantastic. The term Christian Mystic seems redundant.

    Christianity is the body of people who have a personal relationship with God. If you do not have or do not wish such as relationship, then you are just a member of a Roman Catholic or an Eastern Orthodox or a Protestant Church. Christians are very often members of organized religions but being in an organized religion does not make you a Christian.

    If you wish a personal relationship, then you have to open your mind and your heart to the absolute reality of God. Not an easy thing to do but once it is done, the Holy Spirit always responds and changes you in positive ways. The hard part is finding out why you cannot fully open your mind and heart. That is the journey or the quest.

    Anyway, great podcast. Thanks to both of you for being right on target.

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