Cuban dictatorship heavily sedating mentally disabled political prisoner without family consent

The communist Castro dictatorship not only imprisoned a mentally disabled young man with the intellectual capacity of a first-grader for protesting, they’re drugging him up as well.

Via CubaNet (my translation):

Intellectually disabled political prisoner medicated without authorization

Mariana Castillo, the mother of political prisoner Gilberto Castillo Castillo, is denouncing on social media that her son is being medicated at the Combinado del Este prison without her authorization.

The young man, who was arrested for protesting on July 11, is mentally disabled and any treatment he receives should be discussed beforehand with his family.

In a Facebook post, his mother explained that when she visited him in prison, she found out that they were giving him a sedative: Amitriptyline. The young man complained to her and said the medicine makes him very sleepy.

“My son never progressed past the first grade, he is mentally retarded, and when I arrive at the prison I find they’re giving him Amitriptyline without asking me if the boy can take that or not,” the mother said in a video she posted on social media.

Last November, Mariana told Cubanet about how Gilberto and his family were getting by during his time in prison. “My son goes to bed with his stomach growling from the hunger, and he tells me he can’t even sleep because you have to keep one eye closed and one eye open there. The boy is so scared that he doesn’t leave his prison cell, not even to watch TV. He prefers to stay in his bed and avoid any trouble. That’s the agony he is living through, and me as well.”

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  1. I am always surprised to learn that the average Cuban still thinks they have rights and that Cuba operates under the rule of law. Sorry to inform you that you have no rights other than to serve your leaders. Along the same line, The Three Kings do not really give out presents to children on Jan 6th.

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