Cubans have to transport deceased friend to morgue on a bicycle due to the lack of hearses

The indignities suffered by the Cuban people under the jackboot of the communist Castro dictatorship don’t end with death, it just continues. This is socialism in action.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

Deceased Cuban is transported on a bicycle taxi by his friends: ’12 hours waiting for them to send a hearse’

In the town of Güines located 50 kilometers outside of Havana, the cadaver of a Cuban had to be transported on a bicycle taxi by his friends because authorities failed to send a hearse to pick up the body

In a heartbreaking video posted on Facebook by ICLEP, an independent organization in Cuba, a young man denounced the indignity of the situation while carrying the dead body on his legs, identified as Yoandris Castillo Arias, 36. The man filming the video says he was like a brother to him.

The young man explained they called authorities several times to send a hearse, but the body began to change color and started to smell. They decided to transport him on a bicycle taxi as dozens of friends accompanied them.

“We took him straight down the street because we’ve been waiting since noon for a car from this government to take him, and rigor mortis is setting in and stinking up the house,” the friend of the deceased said in the video.

“Look at what we’ve had to do because there are no cars, no fuel, we haven’t gotten any response,” he said, calling the situation “savagery.”

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