Convicted American spy for Cuba immediately takes up Castro dictatorship cause after release from prison

Just released from federal prison, Cuba’s highest-ranking (that we know of) American spy, Ana Belen Montes, immediately called for the end of sanctions against the communist Castro dictatorship.

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

Former spy Ana Belen Montes expressed her rejection of the U.S. economic embargo against Havana in her first statements following her release after serving 20 years in prison for spying for the Cuban regime.


In a press release sent out by her attorney, Linda Backiel, the former Defense Dept. analyst said these would be her only public statements.

“I call on all of those who are focusing on me to instead focus on important issues, such as the serious problems faced by the Puerto Rican people and the U.S. economic embargo on Cuba,” she said.

“Who in the last 60 years has asked the Cuban people if they want the U.S. to impose an asphyxiating embargo that causes them to suffer?”

It seems Montes is wasting no time is showing she has no remorse or regret for passing on national security secrets to the Castro regime, which did irreparable harm to America and was used to murder at least one American soldier. Montes is showing that she is indeed a “True Believer” who, despite the obvious evil behind her adopted cause, refuses to believe or admit she is defending and aiding a murderous and tyrannical dictatorship in Cuba.

Of course, the Cuban dictatorship is celebrating her release. Cuban state-run media is calling the spy that helped carry out the murder of Americans an “extraordinary hero” (via Diario de Cuba — my translation):

The news of the release of the Cuban regime’s former spy Ana Belen Montes has reached state-run media on the island after two decades of complete silence on the case.

In all the reports published, the information on the former U.S. Defense Dept. analyst is brief and contains major omissions.

Granma newspaper highlights the reasons Montes used to justify her espionage for the Cuban regime, and claims “the news of her release has provoked expressions of joy and solidarity in various parts of the world that recognize her noble and generous attitude,” without providing any evidence of that claim.

Another report in the state-run Prensa Latina highlights statements made by Julio Morientes Perez from the Puerto Rico’s Hostosian National Independence Movement, who called Montes an “extraordinary heroine.”

It appears 20 years in a federal prison did nothing to reform Montes, who continues to be a lackey for Cuba’s communist dictatorship and leftists causes in general. Her heinous and traitorous acts deserved a life sentence, and her statements after her undeserved release only serve to prove that.

4 thoughts on “Convicted American spy for Cuba immediately takes up Castro dictatorship cause after release from prison”

  1. Of course she has no remorse, let alone shame. She dedicated her life to this evil shit, and it’s much easier to see herself as a righteous warrior against the “Empire” than as what she actually is. But don’t blame her for being what she always was; blame the US “justice” system for letting her get off so lightly.

  2. As for Puerto Rico, I’m all for its independence, but I doubt the majority of those living on the island are.

  3. On another level, one is strongly struck by how rich it is for some Puerto Rican to do what ABM did on behalf of a country not her own and about which she doesn’t truly know or understand jack shit. Amazing.

  4. Ana Belen Montes and her attorney Linda Backiel should move to Cuba if they are so against the US and its govt.. They are both Leftist…. If they are so against the Govt why dont they move to Cuba or Venezuela

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