Iran and Cuba strengthen ties, open direct shipping line

Tyrants Rouhani and Castro

From our Bureau of Dictatorships That Hanker to Nuke the U.S.

Castro, Inc. and the Islamic Dictatorship of Iran have established a closer relationship with each other. Both countries are talking a lot about trade, joint projects, exchanges, etc…. But no one should be fooled by all this banter, which is a fairly transparent smokescreen.

This is most probably a pact that involves cooperation in harassing the U.S. and its allies, and about furthering the radicalization of Latrine America.

Plus, there is always the obvious reason any enemy of the U.S. would cozy up to Castro, Inc. Iran is getting closer to producing nuclear weapons. Cuba is a perfect location for missiles, as everyone knows.

Tyrant Rouhani and fake president Trucutú

From Tehran Times

“A Direct shipping line has been established between Iran and Cuba since the last 20 days, which will increase the trade between the two countries,” Safari told IRIB on Monday.

“Based on the conducted research, our country has also the potential to cooperate with Cuba in carrying out various projects, especially in the field of energy,” the official said.

Last May, Iran and Cuba finalized a roadmap for barter trade between the two countries and signed a document in this regard during the 18th meeting of their joint economic committee in Tehran.

As reported, the document was signed by Iran’s Deputy Industry Minister for Commercial and Trade Affairs Mohammad-Sadegh Mofatteh and Cuba’s Deputy Prime Minister Ricardo Cabrisas Ruiz.

During the meeting, the officials explored the existing capacities and market needs of the other side in various fields and good agreements were reached for long-term cooperation in order to improve the level of trade exchanges.

The two countries also stressed the need for developing industrial, mining, and trade cooperation between the two countries during the mentioned event.

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