Cuban dictatorship celebrating the release of American spy Ana Belen Montes

They didn’t say a word about Ana Belen Montes while she spent 20 years in prison after her conviction as a spy, but now the communist Castro dictatorship is celebrating her release.

Via ADN America:

Havana cheers release of convicted Cuban spy Ana Belén Montes, now on probation after 20-year prison sentence

Some doubt Montes will try to reconnect with Cuban intelligence services since she is on supervised release and under watch by the U.S. government, but regime sponsored organizations are already sending her subtle messages of support on the Internet

The Federation of Cuban Women, a communist organization established in 1960 by Fidel Castro’s new revolutionary government is rallying support and celebration for the release of convicted Cuban spy Ana Belén Montes, who was conditionally freed from U.S. custody on Sunday after a 20-year prison sentence that transitioned to a five-year probationary period.

The organization tweeted that “it celebrates the life and resistance of Ana Belén Montes, an unwavering woman who with her enormous courage, dignity, altruism and honor put peace and friendship between sister nations on the highest step.”

Montes one of the most widely known Cold War spies prosecuted by the United States was released from prison after a 20-year sentence for espionage.

The 65-year-old [Puerto Rican] native was caught red-handed for spying for the Cuban military dictatorship while she was working as an analyst at the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency.

After U.S. authorities arrested Montes for espionage in 2001, investigators determined that the Cuban agent did severe damage by turning over state secrets to Cuban authorities about U.S. intelligence operations.

She has been considered to be one of “the most damaging spies” to ever be captured and prosecuted in the United States.

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3 thoughts on “Cuban dictatorship celebrating the release of American spy Ana Belen Montes”

  1. The spy who recruited her for Cuba was another Puerto Rican woman who left the US shortly after ABM was nabbed to avoid capture herself. She wound up in Sweden (apparently she had married a Swede) and is presumably still there, since Sweden does not extradite spies, so she got off scot-free.

    It’s remarkable that, considering how much and how long Puerto Rico has lived off the US, there would be such rabidly anti-American Puerto Ricans. I’m pretty sure most Puerto Ricans don’t want to cut the cord.

    • Excellent point on Puerto Ricans. Do not know exactly what that means but it is true. Pride from below? Does a beggar actually hate the man who is charitable toward him?

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