Cuban students ordered to attend government rally critically injured when wall collapses on them

Two typical horrors in communist Cuba, forced indoctrination and criminal neglect, converged in Sancti Spiritus, seriously injuring three adolescents forced to participate in a regime-organized event. This is socialism in action.

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

Cuban students mobilized for a government rally critically injured after a wall collapses

Three students from the Urbano Honrato del Castillo Pre-University school in the city of Sancti Spiritus were injured on January 6 while waiting for the Caravan of Liberty to pass. The propaganda activity is held every year by the Cuban government to mobilize workers, children, and young Cubans.

State-run newspaper Escambray reported this week that two of the students remain hospitalized. One of them in critical condition and another is stable after a decorative structure on a wall collapsed on top of them.

Dr. Darelsy Balsain Mencia, the director of the Jose Marti Perez Provincial Pediatric Teaching Hospital in Sancti Spiritus said the three injured students were hospitalized there and immediately treated by specialists. Lazaro Enmanuel Cabrera Perez initially arrived with various contusions and a concussion, but took a turn for the better last Saturday and was discharged from the hospital.

Adolescent Javier Enrique Pino Burgos, who also suffered various contusions and a fractured left tibia bone had a cast put on his leg and remains hospitalized at the pediatric hospital. He is reported to be in stable condition.

According to statements made by Dr. Balsain Mencia, due to the critical condition of patient Manuel Enrique Cancio Amador, who also suffered several contusions and fractured vertebrae and other bones, had to be transferred to the Jose Luis Miranda Provincial Pediatric Teaching Hospital in Santa Clara where he is currently in critical condition.

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    • Yes, that darn embargo. It makes buildings in Cuba fall down. It causes electric power outages and tank farm fires. It causes the crops to fail and non-refrigerated meat to spoil. And somehow it causes hurricanes to hit Cuba. I tell you those Americas have black magic. How can Cuba survive against such terrible power? THE EMBARGO, THE EMBARGO, IT WILL KILL US ALL. Run to the hills and hide.

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