Miami Cuban radio icon Ninoska Perez Castellon leaves Radio Mambí after its purchase by leftist activists

Virtually the last remaining conservative Cuban American voice at Radio Mambí has left the station. Ninoska Perez Castellon announced her resignation on Tuesday after the sale of the station to a leftist activist group seeking to silence conservative Spanish-language radio was finalized.

Via ADN Cuba (my translation):

Radio host Ninoska Perez, the symbolic voice of the Cuban exile in South Florida, said goodbye to her listeners during her live broadcast on Tuesday, confirming her resignation from Radio Mambí.

“This is my last broadcast from this studio, which has been my second home for so many years,” Perez’s message began. According to the host, she is leaving because the sale of the station to the Latino Media Network, which is tied to prominent Democrat Party figures, has been finalized.

“For me the time has come to say goodbye. I do this with sadness because it’s been 26 years of uninterrupted [work here]. […] I’ve worked with passion, defending values and denouncing the liberal media that today accuses us of disinformation and has decided to silence us.”

Ninoska Perez said she has confronted “the powerful with the strength of my voice, with truth in hand.” In regard to Cuba, the radio host added that “while the mainstream media has repeated the regime’s official version, I have been able to demonstrate how big interests have prevailed.”

A Radio Mambí without Ninoska’s voice or the voices of so many other Cuban and Hispanic conservatives is no longer Radio Mambí. It will become just another Spanish-language media outlet pushing out leftist propaganda completely out of touch with its audience and that few will listen to. There is little reason to believe the Soros-backed leftist group purchased Radio Mambí because they thought left-wing radio in Miami is a viable and profitable business model, They bought it for the sole purpose of silencing conservative voices on Spanish-language radio.

The bad news for them is that Ninoska and all the other Hispanic conservative voices are far from being silenced. They will simply go elsewhere, and wherever they go, the listeners will follow.

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  1. Two of the members of the board of directors of LMN are Dr Eduardo Padrón and Al Cardenas. Are you saying they’re leftists supported by George Soros. These are two prominent Cuban Americans with a history of opposing the communist government of Cuba

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