Cuban dictatorship rewarded with new prominent role at United Nations

Brunito el Maldito takes charge of G77 at the U.N.

From our Bureau of Very Angry Third World Beggars with some assistance from our Bureau of Third World Totalitarian Hellholes Constantly Rewarded by the United Nations

Hang on to your dentures, Mildred. This roller coaster ride is about to get rough.

Castro, Inc. has just become the top alpha dog in the Group of 77 (a.k.a. G77) at the United Nations. This G77 is a coalition of 134 “developing countries,” which promotes its members’ collective economic interests and engages in joint negotiations with wealthier nations at the United Nations.

So now, in addition to serving on the U.N.’s Human Rights Commission, Castro, Inc. gets to serve as chief beggar and rabble rouser at the U.N. You can be sure Castro, Inc. will miss no chance to condemn and harass the United States for playing a dominant role in the global financial system. In fact, it’s already started to do so.

And leading the charge in this battle against evil capitalists is Brunito el Maldito (Bruno Rodriguez Padilla), Castro, Inc.’s Foreign Minister.

From Middlebrow Granma for Americans (Newsweek)

Pakistan’s envoy to the United Nations has expressed the need to establish alternatives to the current U.S.-dominated global financial system as he handed over the chair of a massive bloc of developing nations to Cuba.

Speaking to a small group of journalists ahead of the Group of 77, or G77, handover ceremony on Thursday, Pakistani ambassador to the U.N. Munir Akram asserted that, “as far as global governance is concerned, the greatest structural issue is the control of the international financial system by the United States.”

But as he prepared to conclude Pakistan’s tenure as G77 chair, he placed his confidence in Cuba to lead the way. “I’m sure that they will have a plan of action. I think the objectives are clear and common,” Akram said. “As such, it may be expected that they will push hard for a realization of some of the objectives.”

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla outlined this plan of action hours later, addressing the U.N. group that has expanded to some 134 nations since its initial founding by non-aligned states amid the Cold War nearly six decades ago. Those present included representatives of the majority of nations spanning Asia, Africa and Latin America, with China holding a unique position as the world’s second largest economy, leading the group to often be referred to as “the G77 and China.”

“The great challenges imposed by the current economic order on the developing world have hit their highest point during these times of systematic crises,” Rodríguez Parrilla said, “namely health, climate, energy, food and economic crises; escalation of geo-political tensions and renewed forms of domination and hegemony.”

Among the issues that he argued still needed to be addressed by the international community were “unequal access to vaccines, the digital gap, the burden of the foreign debt, the structural reform of the international financial architecture, development financing flows, food insecurity, restrictive trade measures, climate financing and capacity building.”

3 thoughts on “Cuban dictatorship rewarded with new prominent role at United Nations”

  1. As I understand it, Bruno is of so-called “bourgeois” extraction, which is of course a negative in Castrogonia, which would mean he has to compensate by being extra, uh, “revolutionary.”

    And yes, as evident in the photo, everyone smiles and coos over the representative of a hellish totalitarian tyranny same as if he were the Dalai Lama. True, it’s all very “diplomatic,” but also quite grotesque.

  2. One of the examples of reducing spending in McCarthy’s House that I would like to see happen is that we no longer give any money to the U.N.

  3. Makes sense to put the world’s best beggar, scammer and extortioner in charge of the world’s charity organization. I mean most Cubans look like normal white people (intelligent, honest and hard working) and so can relate to and pull the wool over the eyes of most of the the world’s rich nations. With the exception of course of China who knows very well what communism is all about and has been burned by Cuba before. They will not give them a dime.

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