Fidel Castro on American spy Ana Belen Montes: ‘an exceptional person’

The intelligence Ana Belen Montes passed on to Cuba’s communist dictatorship over 17 years led to the murder of an American soldier and likely American citizens, not to mention the untold harm she did to U.S. national security. So, of course, Fidel thought she was “exceptional.”

In a 2002 interview with American reporter Andrea Mitchell in Cuba, the murderous dictator was asked about the traitor Montes and had this to say (via CubaNet – my translation):

“A noble and good American who is against injustice, against more than 40 years of a blockade, against all the terrorist acts that have been committed against Cuba, and she’s able to act this way, she’s an exceptional person […] She’s a person that after what she did, not simply out of gratitude, but out of a sense of justice, deserves respect and admiration.”

It’s important to note this was the only known public statement on the topic of Ana Belen Montes the Cuban dictator ever made. His communist regime also remained silent about Montes throughout her 20 years of imprisonment. There were no headlines, no campaigns for her release, no attention drawn to the American traitor.

The communist Castro dictatorship used her and when she was no longer beneficial, they discarded her, like they have discarded every other person who no longer serves to keep them in power.

3 thoughts on “Fidel Castro on American spy Ana Belen Montes: ‘an exceptional person’”

  1. Fidel Castro routinely lied, and I mean flagrantly, as if it were the same as breathing. ABM was neither noble nor good, and I expect she never identified as an American. As for “respect and admiration,” FC never felt that for her, though he may have felt it for people like Hitler and Mussolini. To him ABM was just a useful tool who believed in something he knew to be a lie, and he probably found her pathetic.

    • Communism needs useful idiots since most normal people reject evil. History shows that communism disposes of the useful idiots after they have served their purpose. A cautionary warning to the liberal idealist who vote for those on the left.

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