Lack of contraceptives and condoms in Cuba causes huge increase in STDs and abortions

Aaaah, the good old days of 2019, when safe sex was easy: Cuban youths in Havana proudly display their condoms

From our Bureau of Socialist Safe Sex with some assistance from our resident expert on the seven plagues of Egypt, Dr. Tútan Cámen

Add another plague to the list. Covid, Dengue, Scabies, and now HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, unwanted pregnancies, and abortions. All of these epidemics are an additional bonus of Castro, Inc.’s socialism, piled on top of the other intolerable crap that Cubans have to contend with every day.

Socialism in action, again, as ever! But plagues can always be blamed on the “blockade”. This, like all other plagues, is an easy disaster for Castro, Inc. to handle, at least when it comes to propaganda. And the sad truth is that the vast majority of people on earth will believe all of Castro, Inc.’s big lies.

Moreover, the oligarchs might be very happy with this disaster: the greater the number of abortions and deaths from HIV, the fewer mouths to feed.

Loosely translated from Periódico Cubano

Cuban health authorities have recognized official media that the last few months have been marked by the shortage of contraceptive methods, which has increased the cases of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).

As reported, the lack of prophylactics has caused the rates of syphilis and the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) to skyrocket, mainly among the country’s youngest and most sexually active population.

In the same way, pregnancies at an early age, the vast majority of which are unwanted, have increased the cases of abortions in Cuba, which has seen its highest figures in the recently concluded 2022.

It should be noted that, beyond the rights over their bodies, women who face abortions run the risk of becoming sterile, as well as suffering complications during the process, something that in Cuba is highlighted due to the unsanitary conditions and scarce resources that exist in hospital wards on the Island.

This also occurs in a country with one of the highest aging rates in all of Latin America and with below-average birth rates, according to data confirmed by Dr. Deglis Luciano, head of the STI Program, to the official newspaper Venceremos. .

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  1. The revolution has given Cubans many freedoms. They are free to go hunger, to catch diseases and to die. It truly is patria o muerte.

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