Cuban dictatorship and Spanish partners have a fever, and the only prescription is more apartheid luxury hotels

Off limits from now on: Santa Maria del Mar Beach, Havana

From our Annals of Apartheid Bureau with some help from our Bureau of Socialist Priorities

The beach at Santa Maria del Mar is one of the most beautiful and popular in the Havana area (image above). Cubans who live in the capital city can now kiss it goodbye. From now on it’s going to be for tourists only and privileged members of Castrogonia’s brutal oligarchy.

As usual, Spaniards will finance the entire project as partners with Castro, Inc. In addition to this project, Spanish hotel chains Meliá and Iberostar are investing heavily in Cuba.

Meliá plans to open four new facilities next year, with which will bring its apartheid empire to a total of 36 hotels and 14,844 rooms. The first two of the new batch will be the Sol Caribe Beach, in Varadero, and the Meliá Trinidad Peninsula.

Meanwhile, Spanish hotelier Iberostar will soon open its new five-star Iberostar Selection Esmeralda with 450 rooms, on the beachfront in a virgin area located north of Camagüey.

Iberostar, which has 18 hotels in Cuba, plans to open another two hotels in Trinidad, while boosting the arrival of tourists with its tourist agency W2M and its airline World2Fly, which in May announced its intention to increase its weekly flights to five between Spain and Cuba, something that has not yet materialized.

Castro, Inc.’s goal for this year is to attract 1.7 million visitors, which represents only 37% of the 4.5 million received in 2019. Yet, they keep building more and more luxury apartheid enclaves while Cubans starve slowly and their homes collapse. Yes, just like Christopher Walken, Castro, Inc. has a feeevah and the only prescription is more apartheid hotels.

One of Meliá’s 36 apartheid hotels in Cuba

Loosely translated from CiberCuba

The Cuban regime plans to build another luxury hotel with 750 rooms on the Santa María del Mar beach in Havana, one of the favorite resorts of the capital.

Mishmell Machado, director of the Greater Caribbean Mixed Companies, told the publication Good Trip to Cuba that the construction of the new facility will take four years, and it will be “a product of excellence” with a Five Star category, which will respect the “sustainability criteria and environmental protection”.

“It will be a hotel under the concepts of sustainable development, which will greatly contribute to the diversification of the offer for which the Gran Caribe and Cuba are betting for the coming years,” he explained.

Due to its proximity to the city, the new accommodation is expected to also be used for holding events and congresses.

The hotel will be managed by Iberoantillas S.A., a joint venture between the Gran Caribe group and Iberostar Hotels & Resorts, established at the recently concluded Havana International Fair FIHAV 2022.

The East Havana Beaches are about 18 kilometers from the city and are the favorites of the capital to enjoy in the summer months.

In the context of FIHAV 2022, it also transpired that earthworks for the construction of a high-standard 486-room aparthotel are expected to begin there in January.

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  1. Maybe Spain has plans to take Cuba back once the current government collapses. The rule of the Castro’s is fairly similar to a monarchy, so the Cuban public might easily accept returning to being a Spain colony. Especially if they get offered food, water, electricity and housing. Spain will not have to provide health care or education since those things are now and always will be free for all Cubans.

    Also, why are these resorts always empty?

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