Cuban families living in fear their apartment building will collapse on top of them

While the communist Castro dictatorship is building luxury hotels and resorts for foreign tourists to maintain the flow of cash into the regime’s coffers, Cubans continue living in fear their homes will collapse on them. This is socialism in action.

Christian Caruzo reports in Breitbart:

Communism: Cubans Living in Partially Collapsed Building Fear They Will Die Next

Five Cuban families residing in a crumbling building in Old Havana sent a letter to the news website Cibercuba expressing fear that their derelict building, which suffered a partial collapse in October that claimed the life of a five-year-old, will face another collapse that will end their lives.

The communist Castro regime’s lack of investment in improving the living conditions of its citizens over its more than six decades in power has left the nation’s historic buildings and households in a most precarious state. The regime regularly ignores the pleas of citizens who live in these high-risk buildings, rejecting requests to address and repair structural damage.

In the harrowing missive, the Cubans living in the partially collapsed building on Old Havana’s Sol Street said they have spent the past three months presenting their urgent case to all the responsible authorities and agencies without any sort of response.

Their building suffered a partial collapse on October 17. The old building’s roof fell down, trapping two women and a child, five-year-old girl Ismary Orozco Castellanos, who died in the incident.

“The remaining neighbors of the building located in Sol street, between Egido and Villegas, continue to live in the building, where pieces of the building’s wall and roof continue to fall daily,” the letter explained. “We have gone to municipal housing, provincial and municipal government, to the attorney general of the Republic, to the National Assembly, to the provincial [Communist] Party and they do not give us an answer, so we continue to be exposed to dying in another collapse.”

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  1. Your leaders are too busy. They are too busy physically and psychologically torturing people so they can remain in power. They do not have time to solve your petty little problems. I would recommend asking the neighbor communist informant, along with a dozen compatriots to come and yell insults at your building. Those Old Havana buildings are acting like gusanos when they collapse and kill people.

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