Eight newborns in a Havana hospital have died during the first two weeks of January

Newborn babies in Cuba are starting to suffer the consequences of the criminal negligence and corruption of the communist Castro dictatorship, the self-proclaimed “medical power.”

Via CubaNet (my translation):

Eight newborns have died at the Tenth of October OB-GYN hospital in Havana during the first two weeks of 2023, according to a statement from the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) on Monday.

“During the month of January, eight newborns with low birth weight and prematurity have died,” said MINSAP in an official statement.

According to that statement, since January 11, four babies died due to sepsis and the rest due to causes related to their delicate state of health.

The brief statement notes that the hospital, popularly known as Daughters of Galicia, has adopted measures to address the situation as well as the creation of a National Commission within the Ministry of Public Health to “investigate the causes of death and based on the results, take the necessary measures.”

By many accounts from Cubans on the island, the healthcare system in communist Cuba is near if not completely collapsed. The lack of doctors, nurses, medical equipment, and medicine over the past several years have wreaked havoc on a healthcare system that, contrary to glowing reports by the international media, was third-world caliber at its best.

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  1. The parents of these eight infants, of course, have no legal recourse. But yes, it is “free” health care, of sorts.

  2. The first line of defense against morbidity and mortality is clean water, healthy food, sanitation, cleaning supplies, electricity and proper housing. Since Cuban has none of these it is at great risk of having a major health care crisis.

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