Cuban dictatorship forcibly evicts and demolishes the homes of 60 families

In the middle of the night and without warning, Cuba’s communist dictatorship evicted 60 families and began demolishing the homes they built by a beach in apparent preparation for another resort for foreign tourists.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

Police evict families and demolish their homes on La Herradura beach in Las Tunas

Over the past year, the Cuban government has been evicting residents living on several beaches to develop ambitious tourism projects

Cuban authorities evicted at least 60 families from the beautiful beach of La Herradura in the province of Las Tunas. The residents there confirm their homes were demolished.

“My father lives on the beach and this morning La Herradura woke up crawling with police,” someone wrote on Facebook, also stating that “the small cabins many people built to stake their claim in the area” had been demolished.

According to the report, police arrived at 2 AM and began “demolishing the new cabins they built as homes.” By daybreak, they had already destroyed five homes facing a wind farm in that area.

Aime Barea, one of the victims, denounced what she calls “an abuse.”

“I have my 11-year-old boy who I haven’t been able to take out for six years because of his health condition and skin ailment that cannot tolerate direct sunlight in the morning. My son was happy with his little house on the beach where he could bathe every afternoon,” the woman said.

She said the boy cried “like never before because he won’t be able to visit the beach and his parents are dirt poor, we don’t have enough money to pay a daily rental rate of 2,500 pesos to spend the summer there. Who stole my son’s dreams? This revolution. We can’t take any more of this abuse and so much maltreatment of the Cuban people,” she said indignantly.

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  1. For the zillionth time: the “revolution” is not and never was about “the people” except as a theoretical trope, meaning the reality was always VERY different. The problem is that, due to the frank putrefaction of the system, practically all dissimulation and pretense has been dropped, and the regime’s actions are now transparently NOT about what ordinary Cubans want or need but about what suits the ruling class.

    In other words, an action like this is essentially the same as the regime saying “Fuck you” to “the people.”

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