Ninth newborn dies of sepsis in Havana hospital as Ministry of Public Health denies gross negligence

Super-advanced and spiffy clean neonatal unit at Hijas de Galicia hospital, Havana

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What is happening at this Havana hospital is beyond tragic. And what Castro, Inc.’s ministry of public health is doing is beyond shameful.

The official version offered by Castro, Inc. denies that the “Hijas de Galicia” maternity hospital did not have antibiotics and hygiene material to contain the infection that was spreading through the ward and in the body of each newborn.

Wonderful free healthcare. Yes, indeed.

Abridged and loosely translated from Periódico Cubano

A ninth newborn died at the Diez de Octubre Gynecology and Obstetric Hospital in Havana, popularly known as ‘Hijas de Galicia’, as a result of the infection that has occurred in patients in the neonatal ward of that hospital, as revealed to Cuban newspaper an internal source who works in the Cleaning Department.

According to the testimony of this man, who preferred to remain anonymous, in the last few hours the loss of another baby had to be mourned, which is added to the list of eight deaths recognized in an official note from the Ministry of Public Health, to add nine in all.

In the Havana hospital, an in-depth investigation is carried out on the causes that caused the presence of bacteria, viruses and/or fungi in the cubicle of the neonatology room for low-weight newborns. The infectious elements caused sepsis in the bodies of the newborns that could not be controlled by antibiotics, which caused multiple organ failure and ended with the death of many of them.

According to the official version of the events, given in an interview to Cubadebate by Dr. Yaima Rodríguez Espinosa, a first-degree specialist in pediatrics and head of the maternal-infantile section of Havana, the causes that caused the sepsis in Havana are still being investigated. most of the deceased.

Most of the deaths were caused by sepsis resulting from an infection in the neonatal ward. Sepsis is a serious and life-threatening condition that occurs when the body overreacts to an infection.

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  1. Note that this happened in Havana, not out in the boonies, and if this hospital was not equipped to deal appropriately with high-risk newborns, they should have been managed at a suitable facility–if there is one.

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