Socialism in action: Two Cuban brothers have been homeless and jobless for four years

From our Bureau of Socialist Compassion, Equity, and Social Justice

Don’t expect El Niuyortain or CNN or MSNBC to report on these two Cubans, ever.

Loosely translated from Cubanos Por El Mundo

Two Cuban brothers have been living on the street for four years, alone and abandoned by a regime that does not care about supporting homeless Cubans.

The Cuban professor expelled from the University of Camagüey for his political position, José Luis Tan Estrada, published on his Facebook social network, the story of these two men, Manolito and his brother Ricardo who are living under the porch of a building located on Avenida de la Caridad, near the Palacio de Matrimonios (Wedding Palace) in the city of Camagüey.

Manolito, one of the Cuban brothers who now live on the streets as homeless people, said that after their parents died, they made the decision to exchange their house for another, with the aim of getting away from all family memories.

But this decision affected their lives because the ownership of the new home was false and they were victims of a scam, so they were left without a home, and from that moment they had to live on the street.

The Cuban siblings stated that at that moment no one offered them help because they were very affected by the loss of their parents and called them crazy.

“All we own is in those three boxes that you see there, from which people have stolen some stuff,” says Manolito. “If we have lunch we don’t eat dinner, and if we have dinner, then we don’t eat lunch, because everything is very expensive, and we can only manage to get very little, whatever we can”

These Cubans make a living by standing in food lines, holding a place for others, or they receive some bread from a bakery that is in front of the place where they sleep.

There are many cases like these Cuban brothers on the island, and the list of people living on the streets continues to grow, while the regime does not help them.

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  1. Ah, but they are useless to the “revolution,” and it would cost to help them, so that’s not happening.

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