Podcast of the Day: The origins of Christian mysticism with Dr. Carlos Eire

On the second episode of our new podcast, Dr. Carlos Eire discusses the origins of Christian mysticism, from its roots in Jewish tradition to the pagan influences of Greek philosophy.

Make sure you listen for some fascinating history and insight by Carlos, and don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss the next episode!

2 thoughts on “Podcast of the Day: The origins of Christian mysticism with Dr. Carlos Eire”

  1. Thanks Carlos and Alberto. That was wonderful. Very much enjoyed it.

    My only comment would be that God knows all truth. If men come up with a philosophy that is true and that works in this world, then it most likely also came from God whether people realize it or not. Thus there is no conflict between Hellenistic and Judaic truth. Truth is truth. God is truth. Also, there are many phenomena which are hard to understand. The spirit and body thing is hard and so is the Trinity. But consider that general relativity says that when you travel very fast, time literally slows down. Also quantum mechanics says a particle can be in two places at the same time. All of these are hard to wrap your head around. Why is that surprising? If your dog does not understand everything you are saying does that mean your language is gibberish? God understands it and we must try to understand.

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