‘There are no opportunities here’: Young Cubans don’t want to have children

Young people in communist Cuba see no future in their country and therefore, no reason to have children. This is the hope inspired by 64 years of “socialism or death.”

Via CubaNet (my translation):

Young people in Cuba don’t want to have children: ‘There are no opportunities here’

Young people of various ages and social status told CubaNet they are ruling out the possibility of having children in Cuba due to the lack of opportunities they would have on the island.

The difficult economic situation was another one of the factors brought up by those interviewed. In that sense, many would want their children to have access to the assurances and comforts provided by societies more developed than the one in Cuba.

“It’s a little difficult here to take care of another person,” said one of the young Cubans.

Others referenced the low wages paid to professionals who work on the island, a problem Cubans have been complaining about for several decades.

“It’s a very complicated situation, the prices are too high,” said another young Cuban on the topic.

“I would want him to see new things,” said one of the interviewees, regarding the scarcity on the island that exists when contemplating starting a new family.

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