Cuba Thaw 2.0: Biden’s mission to rescue Cuba’s Castro dictatorship

Biden appears to be on the same disastrous path as Obama’s Cuba Thaw 1.0, which threw the communist Castro dictatorship a desperately needed lifeline while increasing oppression and misery in Cuba.

Julio Shiling explains in The Cuban American Voice:

Biden’s Rush to Rescue Castroism

Cuban communism (yes, a kleptocracy can be communist also) continues faithfully to exercise dictatorial pragmatism, a policy institutionalized in 1959. Sharp espionage keen on strategic disinformation promotion, ruthless terror at home, and a wide range of collaborators, at state, institutional, and elite individual levels, have been staple components of the sixty-four-year-old regime’s modus operandi. Castroism has been heightening pressure on the U.S. for relief. Joe Biden is rushing to accommodate them.

Barack Obama, a Fabian socialist true believer, gave the Cuban dictatorship what it had been actively pursuing for decades: unconditional coexistence with American perks. The ruling kleptocratic stratocracy in Havana, constant revisionists of Marxist-Leninist guideposts, sought to have their wholesale thievery of American property, shelter for terrorists, crimes against humanity, and involvement in drug trafficking, ignored. By executive fiat, Obama obliged Castro-Communism as much as he could. Hillary Clinton was expected to deepen this immoral path in 2016. Donald Trump and American voters frustrated those plans.

Trump’s victory, not only put a halt to the détente initiative between the world’s most successful democracy and the globe’s third-oldest totalitarian regime (after China and North Korea) but reversed key aspects of the Obama-Castro pact. The Marxist dictatorship’s dream of unconditional moral capitulation by the U.S. coupled with dollars was castrated, at least for the moment. Biden’s ascension to the White House promised better days for Cuban communism.

Expecting things to run in the U.S. as they do in non-democratic Cuba, the communist authorities had hoped for an immediate return to where Obama’s appeasement policy was left off on January 20, 2017. After all, this was a clear Biden campaign promise. The problem for the Castro regime was that the Democratic Party’s handlers, a small group of left-wing ideologues (Obama included) that shepherd Biden, had other priorities.

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  1. It’s not Biden, who’s barely there anyway. Dems practically always make things worse for Cuba. How any Cuban can vote Dem is beyond me, or rather, it’s too disgraceful for words.

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