Cuban dictatorship opens new luxury apartheid hotel for foreign animals

Superior foreign pooch at Villa Tortuga Hotel

From our Bureau of Socialist Animal Rights with some assistance from our Bureau of Superior Pets

Hey, Castro, Inc. is finally catching up with capitalist nations when it comes to the creation of theme parks. No joking,, really. It has just announced that there will soon be one resort on the island based on George Orwell’s Animal Farm, where superior animals brought to the island by superior human beings from abroad will be able to enjoy privileges never granted to Cuban animals.

So, finally, Castro, Inc. is acknowledging that the pets of the superior beings who visit the island to have fun in the sun are also superior and will be granted the same special privileges as their owners.

What an earthshaking admission! What a great step forward in apartheid tourism! Foreign animals are acknowledged as superior to Cuban animals, just as all foreigners are superior to Castrogonia’s noble savages,

George Orwell, eat your heart out. Castro, Inc. has finally surpassed the ingenuity displayed in your fable Animal Farm by turning Cuba into a real-world destination where some animals will be more equal than others. Fiction turned to fact. Whoa, dude. . .

No Cuban animals allowed at pet-friendly Villa Tortuga Hotel, Varadero

Loosely translated from Periódico Cubano

Cuba’s dictatorship announced the upcoming opening of the first hotel in Cuba where pets will be allowed, as part of its marketing campaign at the International Tourism Fair in Madrid to conquer the European tourist market.

A wide representation of the Ministry of Tourism (Mintur) that is located in the Spanish capital, revealed that the state company Gran Caribe will be in charge of the administration of the Hotel Villa Tortuga in Varadero, which will debut in the pet friendly category, which means that it will be able to receive travelers who want to vacation with their pets.

Another of the news announced was that the Gran Caribe itself will soon operate a club for young people over 21 years of age at the Kawama hotel, also in Cuba’s main resort.

Diana Beatriz Olivera Rodríguez, commercial vice president of Gran Caribe, told Travel Trade Caribbean that the idea is to offer a varied entertainment service in accordance with international standards, but with Cuban characteristics for the entertainment of this customer segment.

For its part, the Spanish hotel chain Meliá Hotels confirmed the upcoming opening of the Meliá Trinidad Peninsula hotel, which will become the 33rd facility that it manages since it began to have a presence in Cuban territory in the 1990s. .

As part of the catalog of hotels that the Castro government presents for the European market is the destination Cayo Largo del Sur, whose administration is exclusive to the Canadian company Blue Diamond Resorts, which aspires to turn the enclave into the “first intelligent tourist destination in Cuba ”.

2 thoughts on “Cuban dictatorship opens new luxury apartheid hotel for foreign animals”

  1. Well, if the usual suspects don’t see (or admit) the terrible truth about Castrogonia, it’s definitely not because the Castronoids aren’t being blatantly honest, albeit not deliberately. In a ruined, crumbling, thoroughly dysfunctional country where nothing works for ordinary people, and which those people are desperately fleeing, special facilities and amenities for the pets of foreign tourists is an absolute outrage.

    But, needless to say, the usual suspects could hardly care less, and will remain willfully blind.

  2. Cuban Hierarchy:

    #1 Foreign TOURIST
    #2 Pets of Foreign tourist
    #3 Cuba’s Governing Elite
    #4 Cubans getting remittances from aboard
    #5 Servants or supporters of Cuba’s Governing Elite
    #6 Cubans breaking the law (a la izquierda)
    #7 Honest hard working Cubans

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