Cuban dictatorship on trial in London over millions in defaulted loans

The impunity enjoyed by the deadbeat communist Castro dictatorship and its decades-long history of borrowing money and never paying it back may finally be coming to an end.

Via Diario de Cuba:

The details of the trial against the Government of Cuba in London for defaulting on its debt

Havana’s witnesses include several former officials of the National Bank of Cuba who the regime indicted and sentenced.

On Monday, January 23 trial proceedings will begin at the Royal Courts of Justice in London against the Government of Cuba, with the plaintiff seeking to recover millions in debt, which could lead to cause harsh sanctions against the regime’s businesses and interests around the world.

The trial’s imminence has spurred Havana’s propaganda apparatus, starting last week, to prepare Cubans for an adverse sentence. Thus, the Superintendency of the Central Bank of Cuba (BCC) issued a brief statement in which it rejects responsibility for the debt contracted by its predecessor, the National Bank of Cuba (BNC), before 1997, when it performed functions as a Central Bank.

Given the interest that the issue has aroused among Cubans, and the regime’s attempts to downplay how serious the matter is, DIARIO DE CUBA offers here the details of the judicial proceedings about to begin.

The oral proceedings should last about eight days, with a prior reading of the allegations, which will take place between Wednesday 18 and Thursday 19. The suit, bearing number CL-2020-000092 and dated February 18, 2020 is entitled “CRF I Limited vs the National Bank of Cuba and the Republic of Cuba.”

The hearing with witnesses will begin on Monday 23 January at 10:00 AM (London time). Because at least five of the respondents summoned by the defendant live in Cuba, the proceedings will include live video broadcasts and simultaneous translation.

Havana’s witnesses include several former officials of the National Bank of Cuba that the regime indicted and sentenced in a secret trial in 2021, and that it blamed for allegedly receiving bribes to deliver the documents that allowed the CRF I to seize the debt bonds it is now attempting to collect on.

That allegation was rejected by CRF I, which alleges that the bribery story was fabricated by Havana to try to shirk its responsibility in the matter. The defense decided to drop this argument last December.

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  1. If the verdict goes against Cuba I am sure all the usual suspects will talk about how racist this decision is and how this makes it harder for black and brown people to get loans. Totally stupid reasoning, that’s never bothered the MSM or the Castrogonia fanboys before.

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