Communist Cuba is ranked 27th in the world in the persecution of Christians

You may find it odd that a country where nearly two-thirds of the population is Christian would rank so high in Christian persecution. But then you remember Cuba is ruled by a communist dictatorship, and it all then makes sense.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

Cuba ranks 27th on world list of Christian persecution

Cuba ranks 27 on the World List of Persecution on Christians, according to a report published by the non-profit organization Puertas Abiertas [Open Doors].

The World List of Persecution, which provides an objective analysis of the situation faced by millions of Christians living in countries where the rate of persecution is high or extreme, warned that Cuba has risen ten places on the list of “very high” persecution due to the increase of violence and pressure in all aspects of life.

“The dictatorial regime intensified its oppressive tactics against all Christian leaders and activists it considers opponents of communist principles. The government’s measures include arrests, kidnapping, arbitrary fines, close surveillance, denial of religious licenses and visas, and physical and psychological abuse,” said the report.

The report revealed that the Christians most vulnerable to persecution are those who lead churches in their homes and young people who participate in protests, with the latter being the most threatened, above all in the Cuban capital.

According to the report, the communist Cuban regime does not tolerate dissident voices or any institutions that have influence or power and arrests and imprisons Christian activists and religious leaders who denounce corruption or question policies.

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  1. The devil protects his territory. He both hates and is terrified of God. He likes to take it out on Christians because he knows what blessings await them and what torture awaits him in the end.

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