Russia sends ‘experts’ to toy with Cuba’s unfixable economy, or so they say

New colonial officers sent to Castrogonia by Grand Putinia

From our Bureau of Thinly Disguised Colonialism with some assistance from Yuri Gagarin Gomez, our resident expert on Grand Putinia

On the surface, it seems as if Czar Vlad the Invader is trying to do the impossible, that is, to fix Cuba’s economy. But when was the last time that Vlad helped anyone on earth altruistically or effectively?

These so-called “experts” sent to Castrogonia are nothing more than colonial officers bent on enhancing Grand Putinia’s control of the island.

Trucutú Díaz-Canel knows this. Everyone in the military junta that runs Castro, Inc. knows this too. And it’s just fine by them. As long as they can stay in power, they’ll let their sugar daddies do whatever they want. So, expect the resurrection of the colonial relationship between Moscow and Havana to become more noticeable in the coming months.

Don’t be surprised, then, if you hear about Cubans being sent to the front lines in Ukraine.

I fix economy, no worry, I have good intentions only, nothing else, as I show every day in Ukraine

Loosely translated from CiberCuba

Russian experts from the Stolipin Institute of Growth Economics will create a Center for Economic Transformation to promote reforms in the Cuban economy.

The Russian specialists will supervise the preparation of a transformation program for the Cuban economy that will be based on the development of private companies, reported the Russian state news agency Sputnik.

“The decision was announced during the meeting of Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel with the Russian Commissioner for the Protection of Businessmen’s Rights, head of the Russia-Cuba Business Council, Borís Titov, held in Havana,” he told This means a representative of the office of the presidential commissioner for the protection of the rights of businessmen, Boris Titov.

The joint center will also include, on the Russian side, experts from the Center for Strategic Development and the Institute of National Economic Forecasting of the Russian Academy of Sciences, as well as, on the Cuban side, representatives of key ministries and the Central Bank, add the information.

Titov, one of Putinism’s economic advisors, assured that he was impressed by “the high level of professionalism of the specialists who held the talks” for the creation of the center by the Cuban side, who -he assured- coincided with the Russian experts in many aspects .

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2 thoughts on “Russia sends ‘experts’ to toy with Cuba’s unfixable economy, or so they say”

  1. It’s important to understand that the ruling clique in Cuba is not so much a bunch of bumbling idiots but a bunch of fat cats VERY focused on retaining power and what comes with it. They don’t care how that’s accomplished, as long as it is. Ordinary Cubans are completely inconsequential to them except for the danger that they may turn on their overlords and bring the whole crumbling structure irreparably down.

  2. This is very good news for Cubans. Cuba asks for help from their former sugar daddy and they tell them, sorry but you are off the tit. We are up to our eyeballs in our own problems and can’t carry you. However, we will help you pull your head out of your posterior.

    This means Cuba has finally faced the fact that they have to make real reform. It is a bitter pill for them to take but it will be easier to shallow if it is given to them by their former colonial masters. No, not Spain. No, not the US either but rather the Russians. The world’s 11th largest economy, that is currently in a war. Seems like a stupid move but it is in the right direction and what else can you expect from the Cuban leadership.

    I find it funny that a country that was poor and communist throughout all of the 20th century will now lecture Cuba about economics and free markets. Don’t hold your breath about better days ahead.

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