Cuban police pepper spray mothers and their babies standing in line for diapers

If you want to see the kindness and compassion of socialism towards mothers, children, and women, look no further than Cuba. This is socialism in action.

Via Periodico Cubano (my translation):

Cuban police use pepper spray to attack women standing in line for diapers

In a new act of violence against the people, Castro police attacked women and children who were standing in line to buy diapers, spraying them with pepper spray. According to reports at the Cubanos por el Mundo website, the sad incident took place recently at a store known as “La Comadrita,” located in Old Havana.

In a video posted on social media by Cuban activist Julio Gongora, women can be seen fleeing from the aggression carried out against them.

“A line to buy diapers in havana. The oppressors are using pepper spray with children present and without considering the consequences, acting with impunity, as always. What more has to happen? This is truly criminal,” said Gongora in his post on Facebook.

Furthermore, a woman can be heard saying: “Using pepper spray with children here, get his badge number,” while others are heard coughing.

In the face of major shortages across the island, the lines to buy any product in Cuban stores can be as long as hundreds of people waiting for products. The situation often occurs under the hot sun and people end up losing their patience, provoking fights between the “coleros” [people who are paid by others to stand in line] themselves. For this reason, the lines are “controlled” by the police.

Continue reading (in Spanish) and see the video of the incident HERE.

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