Cuban dictator’s daughter Mariela Castro delivers keynote speech at education conference in Mexico

From our Bureau of Fake Sexologists Whose Fathers Are Murderous Dictators and Fake Soldiers with some assistance from our Booger Princess Bureau

La Princesa de los Mocos (Booger Princess) has been keeping a very low profile since her daddy King Raul claimed to have abdicated his throne.

But, she’s back in the news today, after attending a conference in Mexico, at which she posed as some kind of expert. Her hosts — led by a Cuban agent of Castro, Inc. who lives in Mexico — asked her to deliver the conference’s keynote speech.

Aaaaah, the privileges of royal families! Aaaah, the joy of having one of your daddy’s agents in charge of a conference at which you can pose as an expert! Aaaah the joy of being a Latrine American! Thanks be to Mexico’s president AMLO for encouraging such farces and for actively backing the longest-lasting dictatorship in the Western hemisphere!.

Loosely translated from CubaNet

Mariela Castro, daughter of dictator Raúl Castro, traveled to Mexico to participate in the II International Congress on Education Oaxaca-2023 “Social Realities and Popular Educations, the Historical Project of Our America.” The event, which took place in one of the states with the greatest educational backwardness in the country, was attended by the Cuban sexologist as the keynote speaker.

As can be seen in the photographs of the meeting, Mariela Castro was surrounded by intellectuals and academics allied to the Cuban dictatorship and who for years have publicized the official speech of Havana.

In the photos published on January 21 on the Cenesex Twitter account, Mariela Castro is observed, with her Apple computer and flanked to her left by the Brazilian theologian Frei Betto. To her right are José Ramón Fabelo Corzo, Marco Raúl Mejía and the organizer of the event, Miguel Erasmo Zaldívar Carrillo (at the end of the table). All are voices recognized for their sympathy for the longest-running dictatorship in the hemisphere.

Zaldívar Carrillo is the coordinator of the Autonomous Movement for Emancipatory and Community Education (MAEEC) of Mexico, the institution that prepared this congress. Zaldívar Carrillo is a Cuban from Holguin who has been living in Mexico since the mid-2000s.

In June 2021, Mariela Castro Espín participated in the IX Latin American and Caribbean Conference on Social Sciences as one of the main speakers. In that panel he promoted Castro’s propaganda with the theme “The emancipatory project of the Cuban Revolution: challenges of transformation (Second Part).” She was even invited four years ago to speak on human rights at the Chihuahua Book Fair.

After the massive protests on July 11, 2021, the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) invited her to a zoom where she gave her version of her events. This prestigious house of high studies has welcomed her as a speaker to share Cuba’s progress in LGBTIQ+ matters and social “justice and equity”.

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  1. Associating with an agent of and apologist for totalitarian tyranny is contemptible–it destroys both credibility and respectability. However, in a typical Latrine context like this one, such considerations are moot and ignored. It’s like pigs finding nothing wrong in wallowing in the muck and, furthermore, enjoying it.

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