Cuban dictatorship owes its British lawyers over $3 million in fees

Meet Castro, Inc.’s vulture barristers: Alison Macdonald, Anton Dudnikov and Mark Belshaw

From our Bureau of Vulture Lawyers Who Challenge Vulture Capitalists with some assistance from Yessir García-Throgsbottom, our London correspondent

The London trial at which Castro, Inc. might be eviscerated has already cost it a sizeable bundle of money, since it needs to employ British lawyers and they apparently don’t have cut-rate fees for murderous totalitarian dictatorships from Latrine America.

And if the verdict is unfavorable and Castro, Inc. decides to appeal, it will have to shell out more money to its vulture barristers.

Oh, wait. . . maybe they don’t plan on paying the lawyers. . . yeah, of course . . . that’s the ticket! (Unless the barristers are clever enough to demand payment up front from its deadbeat client).

Castro, Inc.’s legal team asked for a recess yesterday and they were filmed walking out of the court.

Meditation of the day: Imagine what it must feel like to defend a monstrous dictatorship in court.

Abridged and loosely translated from Periódico Cubano

This Monday, January 23, 2023, the trial began where the Cuban regime is facing a lawsuit for non-payment of debt in London. After the first formal hearing, the foreign lawyers who defend the Banco Nacional de Cuba requested a recess to “hold consultations.”

According to the Americano Media portal, the defense team “requested time for consultations given the strength of the arguments that accuse them of non-payment of overdue debts.”

In this sense, they revealed the images of four people leaving the court in London while they were apparently talking about the first elements that were given by the plaintiff, CRF I Limited, a fund that claims to be a creditor of a debt of 72 million euros. euros that Cuba contracted decades ago.

Through public court documents, it was learned that the Cuban regime has paid almost three million dollars for prestigious lawyers to defend them.

They are Alison Macdonald KC, Anton Dudnikov and Mark Belshaw who belong to the renowned law firm PCB Byrne LLP, based in London.

In addition to the effects of precedent and jurisprudence that a negative sentence may entail for the regime in the trial, it will also represent more expenses, since as the protocols dictate, the losing party must pay the attorneys’ fees of the person who received a positive sentence. .

Nor should it be ruled out that if the result is unfavorable, an appeal may be made, and more expenses will continue to be incurred in this process.

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  1. Well, you see, it’s very simple: the legal system (which is a business) is not really about justice, but about winning the case, regardless of who your client may be. I’m sure lawyers have no problem with that.

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