Cuban dictatorship seeks to increase control over athletes competing abroad

Tired of enslaved athletes defecting abroad and losing revenue streams, the communist Castro dictatorship is looking to increase its control over Cuban players sent to compete in other nations. This is socialism in action.

Via CubaNet (my translation):

More control over Cuban athletes who travel abroad

Cuban authorities are working on measures to further control athletes who compete abroad. That was the clear message from the president of the Cuban Federation and National Commission of Soccer, Oliet Rodriguez.

“Within international regulations, of which the Cuban Federation is bound by as a member of FIFA, there is a convention that is modifying FIFA statutes and will allow us to implement better control over our athletes in any part of the world,” said Rodriguez

Furthermore, the initiative, which he described as “innovative,” will “in the future allow us to receive economic benefit for the formation of athletes in the cases where a player who was trained in Cuba is signed by a professional club.”

According to the Cuban official, soccer is one of the sports most affected by defections. While other sports have seen numerous defections, they don’t abandon the team in the middle of a tournament, as it has happened in soccer during various events in the U.S.

Nevertheless, the new measures, “that increase control” over athletes, will extend to other sports.

The measures “could be duplicated in other sports to prevent the main issue affecting athletics, of emigration and defections,” he said.

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