69 Cuban refugees died at sea in 2022 while trying to escape communism

The misery of living in communist Cuba is so tortuous, many Cubans prefer to throw themselves into the sea to escape. Keep in mind this is only the documented number, there are likely many more deaths.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

69 documented deaths of Cuban migrants in the Caribbean in 2022

At 69 deaths or disappearances, the number of Cubans who died in the Caribbean during 2022 were the highest after Haitians, according to a report by the Missing Migrants Project of the International Organization of Migration (OIM).

The organization documented a total of 321 migrant deaths in the waters of the Caribbean, the highest number recorded since the project began in 2014. It is a drastic increase in comparison to 2021 when 180 deaths and disappearances were documented.

According to the report, 163 migrants who died in 2022 could not be identified.

“More than 51% of the people who lost their lives traversing the migrant routes in the Caribbean last year could not be identified,” said Patrice Quesada, the Regional Director for OIM in the Caribbean. “This means that hundreds of families have no information regarding the whereabouts of their loved ones.”

Of the total number of deaths, 66 were women, 64 were men, and 28 were children, the report cites.

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  1. Of course the Biden Admin./MSM (is there a difference?) think that taking a softer approach to the tyrants running Cuba will discourage people from fleeing.

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