Avana de la Torre: Fearless Cuban crusader accosts dictatorship’s lawyers in London

Crusader Avana de la Torre

From our Bureau of Oscar-Worthy Exiles

If you haven’t discovered Avana de la Torre, then you’re in for a special treat.

For the past few days she’s been hounding Castro, Inc.’s lawyers in London.

She has several videos. Start with THIS ONE. It will lead you to the rest of her ouvre.

Avana has obviously learned some painful lessons by listening to acts of repudiation in Castrogonia. She has captured the essence of their modus operandi and is now turning the tables on Castronoids, giving them a taste of their own medicine, dishing out the sort of vitriol that they spew on Cuban dissidents, .

She’s fearless, she’s funny, and she gets around. For instance, this past summer she accosted the Cuban consul in Galicia, Spain.

Her performances are not pretty, or likely to be pleasing to those with tender ears. But . . . well, you know … there is a certain kind of raw and terrible beauty in her performance, simply because she’s dishing out the insults that Castronoid oligarchs deserve to hear, and she’s very creative with these insults. Social justice? Yes, you bet. The real kind, not the socialist kind.

Warning: be prepared to hear lots of very creative Cuban expletives.

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  1. More power to her. If she took a “fine lady” approach, the Castronoids wouldn’t get that, because that’s just not them (though some of them pretend to be). It’s basically fighting fire with fire.

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