Castro dictatorship’s religious persecution targeting Cuban Muslims

Cuban Christians aren’t the only ones suffering religious persecution in communist Cuba. Muslims who do not worship the State above all other gods are targeted as well.

From an Op-Ed by religious freedom activist and Cuban American Teo Babun via

Christians are not the only group targeted by the regime, however. Less known — but no less harsh — is the repression endured by Cuba’s independent Muslims, of whom there are an estimated 3,000 to 4,000.

According to one faith leader quoted in a report released last year by the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, “Cuban Muslims are particularly repressed, restricted and delegitimized. Repression of Muslims has intensified in the last three years.”

Muslims are not allowed to pray in public, and women in the workplace and schools are bullied for wearing hijabs. They have lost jobs and positions in universities because of these “infractions,” and they are not allowed to bury their dead according to their custom. There are only two small mosques allowed in Cuba; in 2017, state security in Holguín forcibly closed a third household mosque, beating and jailing the imam, Abdullatif Abu Maryam.

To sideline and suppress independent Muslims, the Cuban regime in 2007 created the Islamic League, which is linked to the state-controlled Cuban Council of Churches. Among other functions, the League co-opts Muslim activities to conceal the real repression to which Muslims are subjected and to allow the regime to claim that Muslims can practice their faith freely.

Meanwhile, the Cuban Association for the Dissemination of Islam, which is not directed by the regime, is deemed illegal and not allowed to receive aid for community service projects. Its president, Abu Dunayah, was recently prevented from traveling to Mecca.

This is socialism in action.

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  1. Every image of “Che” I see on some wall or other in Cuba looks more cretinous or subnormal than the last. Maybe they really are subversive, though of course the “artist” could simply be a hack.

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