Five Cuban refugees dead, another 12 missing when their raft sinks while escaping Cuba

Some of the Cubans who were on the raft that sunk – Via Facebook

The Cuban dictatorship is reporting that at least 5 Cubans are dead after a rickety raft they used to escape the island sunk off the coast of Cardenas, Cuba. Eleven refugees were rescued, but another 12 are still missing.

Via Alarabiya News:

Five people died and another 12 were unaccounted for after an improvised boat they were using to reach the United States from Cuba sank, official Cuban media reported Friday.

A serious economic crisis is fueling an unprecedented exodus from Cuba, particularly to the United States.

“Five deaths have been reported,” the Cubadebate newspaper reported on its website, adding that survivors said “the incident occurred due to strong waves.”

It said two coastguard boats headed to the scene in response to a call for help, rescuing 11.

Witnesses said 12 people from the boat were missing, the report said.

The migrants, all from the municipality of Cardenas, 115 kilometers (70 miles) east of the capital Havana, “left the country illegally on January 23 through Torrontela” trying to reach US territory, it said.

The boat sank the next day.

Despite Biden’s immigration policy changes, Cubans continue to prefer throwing themselves into the sea and, as in this tragic case, suffering a watery death than spend another day under communism.

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  1. These deaths will continue, but will continue to be ignored or blamed on the “blockade.” They do not matter.

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