Imprisoned Cuban dissident rapper accused of planning a prison riot

The lies and calumnies against dissidents by the communist Castro dictatorship don’t end once they are thrown into the gulag, it just continues. Socialism knows no other way.

Via ADN Cuba (my translation):

Artist and political prisoner Osorbo accused of an alleged riot: ‘According to them, I’m very dangerous’

Cuban rapper and political prisoner Maykel Osorbo Castillo sent a message from the Kilo 5.5 prison in the province of Pinar del Rio on Monday saying the surveillance camera installed in his cell was because regime authorities were accusing him of allegedly “organizing a riot in Company 5.”

In a message sent to activist and art professor Anamely Ramos, the Latin Grammy-winning artist asked that the public be informed that he has been categorized as “very dangerous.”

“State Security and forces from MININT [Interior Ministry] (about 80 guards), in the presence of a MININT representative, a First Colonel, took over the prison and decided to arbitrarily put 8 prisoners into a cell because supposedly, under my orders, they were about to riot,” said the artist, who was one of the writers and performers of the protest song, “Patria y Vida.”

Osorbo was sentenced to a nine years in prison after a trial in May 2022 that lasted two days. Meanwhile, his friend and colleague, Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara, was sentenced to five years in prison.

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