Communist Cuba’s ranking in worldwide corruption worsens

Corruption in communist Cuba is worsening, which is what you would expect from a regime engaged in money laundering, human trafficking, and aiding and harboring terrorists.

In the latest report from Transparency International, Cuba scored 45 points out of 100 in transparency, dropping it down the list of the most corrupt nations on earth. With the military run by a single oligarchic family controlling virtually all business on the island, neither Cubans nor foreign investors have any say or cognizance into what is going on.

Nevertheless, the free world continues to do business with the Castro dictatorship, providing impunity and funding its repression. And to add insult to injury, the Biden administration appears to be preparing to do the same.

2 thoughts on “Communist Cuba’s ranking in worldwide corruption worsens”

  1. Corruption is a relatively minor problem for a system like Castro, Inc., and if the outside world doesn’t care about the regime’s crimes against humanity, it’s certainly not going to care about this.

  2. Cuba not being transparent? Why do you ask? We have nothing to hide. It is just we are very private and reserved people. Simple, honest, humble folks like us never have anything to hide. Just ignore that fellow on the floor bleeding. He might look like a teenager but he is a serial killer.

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