Victims of Communism Museum opens exhibit on prisons in communist Cuba

Many people are unaware how Cuba went from 10 prisons with a population of 6 million people before the socialist revolution to 283 prisons with a population of a little over 11 million today under communism. Roughly 28 times the number of prisons, while the population only doubled. This is socialism in action.

Via the Victims of Communism:

VOC Museum Temporary Gallery Opening and Reception: “Cuban Communist Prison” 

The Victims of Communism Museum opened its temporary gallery, “Cuban Communist Prison,” a visual arts exhibition on Cuban political prisoners. The exhibit reflects the harsh reality that the island has been going through since 1959, where thousands of people have been imprisoned and deprived of their human rights. Through Cuban activists’ works, we can gather different experiences of Cuban political prisoners and their families, focusing on the impact of the repressive system on different population levels during the last 64 years under Communism. The exhibition includes supporting materials such as interviews with political prisoners and a timeline of political imprisonment, civil unrest, turmoil, and repression in the country.

The opening event featured participating artists, several of whom have been imprisoned or ostracized for their political views, and are now widely recognized internationally for their work.

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