Cuban dictatorship producing toilet paper only for foreign tourists due to shortages

Socialism in action: The only factory on the island that produces toilet paper for the entire country is sending all its production to regime-owned hotel and resorts. Cubans are left to continue wiping their behinds with state-run newspapers.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

Toilet paper in Cuba only for tourists

The Sanitary Products Company (Prosa) in Cardenas, which is supposed to cover the demand for toilet paper for the entire country, will only produce the product for the tourist sector due to the lack of raw materials and financing to import the amount of material required.

In the midsts of a serious crisis in basic products, the factory only obtained enough raw material to produce the so-called “luxury” toilet paper to cover the needs of the first four months of 2023 of the tourist sector, “its most important client.” Small quantities sold for hard currency only will be made available, said the company’s director, Manolo Gonzalez Garcia, in a report in the state-run newspaper Granma.

According to Gonzalez Garcia, the company is almost stopped and the delivery of paper to the tourism sector, it’s first priority, is insufficient.

He went on to say there are “guarantees” for a certain amount of raw material to make some four million rolls of toilet paper in the first few months of 2023 because they do not have the financing to import the raw material the factory needs and importing the final product is too expensive.

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  1. It’s incredible that a country like Cuba that was formerly the largest sugar cane producer in the world has a lack of toilet paper. This highlights the insufficiency of the regime. As you know, “bagasso” is the byproduct of of sugar cane production and you can produce paper from bagasso.

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