Four-year-old girl in Cuba dies from lack of medical attention

A precious little Cuban girl is one of the latest victims of the corruption, incompetence, and medical negligence of the communist Castro dictatorship, the so-called medical power.

Via ADN Cuba (my translation):

Gladys Capote, a member of the Ladies in White movement defending human rights in Cuba, denounced on Thursday the death of a little girl in her family, presumably because of the lack of oxygen and beds in Havana hospitals.

“Yesterday, February 1st, my granddaughter-niece who was only 4 years old died because of the lack of beds and oxygen in the hospitals of Havana,” said the activist in a Facebook post.

According to Capote, because of the lack of resources in the capital, the little girl “was sent to a hospital in Matanzas and on the way there she passed away. All of this happened because of the lack of medical attention in our country.”

The Lady in White challenged the official propaganda that sells Cuba as a “medical power.” For Gladys Capote, “you have to look for that medical power in other countries.”

Cuba’s medical system is virtually collapsed, facing shortages of doctors and nurses due to thousands of them being shipped overseas sold as slave labor and resources being diverted to build luxury resorts for foreign tourists, all in the regime’s quest to generate revenue to finance its machine of repression. This is socialism in action.

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