Elián González a rising star in Cuba’s Communist Party and its apartheid tourist industry

Zombie on his way up the ladder of success

From our Bureau of Effective Brainwashing with some assistance from our Bureau of Heart-Wrenchingly Sad But Highly Predictable Outcomes

No surprise here. Twenty-three years ago every Cuban on earth knew what would happen to Elián González if he were to be placed in Fidel Castro’s hands. We knew that returning him to Cuba was the equivalent of selling a child to a pedophile ring. .

Elián is now what all Cubans knew he would become after he was ripped away from his family in Miami by gun-toting agents of Bill Clinton’s administration. Read it and weep.

The long arm of Castro, Inc.

Abridged and loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

Cuban “rafter boy” Elián González Brotons continues his ascent within the structure of the Cuban dictatorship. This Sunday the young communist was nominated by the Cárdenas municipality, Matanzas, as a candidate for the national legislative apparatus.

“In an extraordinary session of the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power in Cárdenas, the candidates from that territory for deputies to the Cuban Parliament were elected this Sunday, among them the young Elián González Brontons, assistant director of AT Comercial Varadero,” it reported in its digital edition. the official station Radio Reloj.

The AT Comercial Varadero company, part of the Gaviota corporation, is subordinate to the GAESA military conglomerate. It was included by the US State Department in its January 2021 list of sanctioned Cuban entities.

Elián González Brotons, graduated in Industrial Engineering, received his card as a member of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) in August 2020. He then dedicated his membership to the late Fidel Castro. The act took place on August 13, the date on which the regime celebrates the anniversary of the dictator’s birth

Elián was forcibly returned to Cuba from Miami in 2000 at the request of Fidel Castro. After his return to Cuba, the boy became a regular participant in the political acts of the regime and frequently appeared with Fidel Castro, who showed him as a trophy of a new “defeat of imperialism.”

7 thoughts on “Elián González a rising star in Cuba’s Communist Party and its apartheid tourist industry”

  1. It’s not just that “those people” knew what would happen if he went back to Cuba, but that, after they were proven right, those responsible for his return and brainwashing simply ignored the matter. Of course, once they “won,” the kid and his fate became irrelevant to them. To this day, there has been no public expression of concern, let alone regret or remorse, which means the perps were indeed contemptible pieces of shit.

  2. Elián looks as if his physical growth was stunted, which would go with what happened to his mind.

    It cannot be stressed too much that he was not so much returned to his father as he was put in the clutches of evil incarnate, in the person of Fidel Castro, and those responsible were complicit with evil.

  3. By the way, the goon pointing the machine gun at the “fisherman” was found with kiddy porn and was arrested. Years ago, I saw the blurb in a newspaper and saved it somewhere, but I lost it. At least he got what he deserved.

  4. The Elian drama was just another example of the US government and Cuban-Americans being outmaneuvered and humiliated by Fidel.

    Let’s wait another 10 years and then talk to Elian – when he is living in Miami. If he does not move to Miami he will likely commit suicide in 20 years. That communist party card he will use to wipe his butt.

    It is easy and cheap to give young children nice Christmas presents. It is a whole different matter to satisfy their needs once they become adults.

    • The Clinton administration was not outmaneuvered; it simply played along with Castro, Inc. and, in effect, was complicit with it. Cuban Americans, aka “those people,” were sucker-punched by a very ugly reality they had not previously recognized, certainly not fully, which involved the US, not Cuba.

  5. Asombra,

    The Clinton Administration [you are right] was not outmaneuvered. It played along with Castro, Inc., the real people are fault for this debacle were us–THE CUBAN EXILES. Let me explain, our public relations were beyond pathetic, they were horrendous. The Spanish speaking, T-shirt wearing uncles were totally. not up to facing the American public. Marileysis either. She became a national joke. They were a decent, blue-collar family that were thrown against a savvy, slick and vicious anti-exile PR machine that made mincemeat out of them. Also, somehow, the family was controlled by a political hack who helped sink the ship. Allen Dershowitz wanted to take over the case, but that hack didn’t allow it. Deshowitz would have won the case. Instead, they had a team of horrible lawyers heading the Elian Defense team lead by a man who was a close friend of Janet Reno! Conflict of interest? Certainly appeared to be.

    Why did they allow Marileysis or the uncles to talk? Why wasn’t a PR firm hired? Why did they have that hack representing the family? If I remember correctly, Elian was, also, offered safe refuge in Indian land [where the FBI would not have been able to enter], but the political hack said no.

    So, this could have had a completely different turnout. As usual, we f**ked up royally. We became a national joke.

    • Yes, the matter could have been handled better, but “those people” were not only out-maneuvered but greatly out-powered, out-matched and, critically, caught unprepared for the extent and degree of animosity deployed against them, especially once the matter became a national issue.

      The odds were heavily stacked against “those people,” partly due to ignorance and arrogance but more due to resentment, spite and a very strong desire to put Cubans “in their place.” We never had the benefit of being fashionably “correct” or a “proper” minority, and we (like Cuban history) had always been misrepresented, distorted and misunderstood, if not maliciously falsified.

      It would have taken a highly sophisticated, savvy and even brilliant strategy with topnotch resources to have had any real chance at success, and that was far too much to ask of the people around Elián. Just being in the right does NOT guarantee victory, not in this world. Basically, it was never a level playing field or even close, as the opposing forces were too numerous and too powerful. We fell into a trap, badly overestimating our chances and underestimating the enemy.

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