Some blockade! Cuban dictatorship imports as many cars as it needs to keep apartheid tourists happy

Newly arrived cars for superior beings (tourists)

From our Bureau of Socialist Diversity, Inclusiveness, Equity, and Social Justice with some assistance from Medusa La Diosa, our resident expert on Socialist ethics.

End the blockade, now! Yes, end it now. If it weren’t for the blockade Cuba would be the Switzerland of Latrine America.

Hell, Mildred, that’s an understatement. Without the blockade, Cuba would make Switzerland look like a Neanderthal backwater, still stuck in the stone age. Even more distressing to consider: Without the blockade Cuba would be the happiest nation on earth, far happier than all those bleak Scandinavian hellholes with high suicide rates, where socialism was tried but abandoned for purely selfish reasons.

End the blockade, end the blockade, end the blockade, NOW. Don’t delay. Open the door to Obamapalooza.2.

Yeah, sure, do that and see what happens. The first to feel the effects of such a move would be American taxpayers who’d be bailing out all those Midwestern farmers never paid by Castro, Inc. for all of the pork bellies, soybeans, and chickens bought on credit. The U.S. Department of Agriculture would never let them lose their farms because some Latrine American deadbeat nation failed to pay for the goods sold to them on credit. No. American taxpayers would cover the unpaid debt, for sure. And those taxpayers deserve to be saddled with this debt. They’re all a bunch of racist neo-Nazis anyway, hell-bent on oppressing all peoples of color. Call it reparations, or partial reparations. They still owe much more than that to all subaltern dark-pigmented peoples.

Never mind all the seemingly distressing anti-equity elements of apartheid tourism, like these rental cars. All of this is perfectly okay, even praiseworthy. It allows those noble Cuban savages to be educated and to be cured of all their primitive ailments by socialist free health care. Yeah, sure. Savages, all of them, those Cubans. If apartheid enclaves and apartheid rental cars can help make them halfway literate and even just a smidgeon healthy, the apartheid is perfectly acceptable, even more virtuous than anything else conceivable to an enlightened sociologist.

Don’t listen to those troglodyte Cuban exiles in the U.S. They’re all a bunch of rancorous selfish bastards who can’t tell the difference between shit and Shinola. Bastards, all of them. They deserve to be exiled to Baffin Island, above the Arctic Circle, or, even better, to be shipped back to Cuba, where they would rot in prison for the rest of their lives.

Loosely translated from Cubanos Por El Mundo

The farce of the blockade in Cuba continues to be exposed when seeing how imported cars continue to arrive on the island.

This was how it was seen this Monday when the images of the vehicles that have arrived in Cuba in recent days were spotted by the newsroom of Cubanos Por el Mundo (Cubans around the World).

According to a source who spoke to the newsroom, these imported cars that just arrived in Cuba would be destined for the tourism sector as rental cars.

“Mechanical mid-wheel drive car, high rate: 5-6 days, USD 80 per day. From 7-13 days, USD 75 per day. From 14-30 days, USD 70 per day, fuel; 54 USD”, they specified about the rates that these cars would have.

“Medium car Automatic traction high rate: 5-6 days, 90 USD/day. From 7-13 days, 85/day. From 14-30 days, USD 80/day. Fuel: USD 54”, they added.

The source pointed out that this batch of imported cars arrived in Cuba last Friday, evidencing that to bring items for tourism to the island there is no so-called blockade by the United States, which the communists blame for all the ills of the country to wash their hands before the inability they have had to govern for more than 60 years due to their failed model.

It is important to note that, in the last hours, images of a caravan of apparently Chinese cars that arrived on the island were also disseminated. These were seen by network users while traveling on the A4 highway that connects Havana with Pinar del Río.

Continue reading HERE in Spanish … also includes the video mentioned in the last paragraph above.