‘Patria y Vida: The Power of Music’ documentary to premier at the Miami Film Festival

A new documentary on the Grammy-award winning song that became the anthem for freedom in communist Cuba will premier at the Miami Film Festival, which begins March 3rd. Here is the trailer for the film.

Patria y Vida: The Power of Music

Hip-Hop song becomes drumbeat for repressed people.

A powerful story about six black rappers who have rewritten Cuban history and sparked a lyrical battle for human rights.

An inspiring documentary about music as social transformer.

The worldwide hit is banned in Cuba and one of its rappers is in prison just for being part of the song because on July 11th 2021 “Patria y Vida” was the loudest cry in the crowd.

The protest anthem won “Song of the Year” at the Latin Grammy Awards.

The struggle of independent art giving voice to the people.

A story for today, a legacy for for posterity.


Beatriz Luengo makes her debut as a director in this documentary. She is an actress and a 2 times Latin Grammy Winner. She is also a writer, her first book “El Despertar de las Musas” (Badass Muses) has become a best seller in Europe.